Top Reasons to Play Paintball

Top Reasons to Play Paintball - Are you playing?

Many people from all kinds of backgrounds enjoy playing paintball. There are also many reasons why they enjoy it. Read on to see a few.

  1. FriendsReasons to play paintball

Paintball is a social game. It's a chance to get away from the ho hum of life and spend some time with people you know as well as get to know new friends. It's a game of people, from planning to playing to bragging after an insane battle. Paintball is all about people.

  1. Fun

Paintball is fun. There are lots of things in life that are rewarding, but if they happen to be fun while being rewarding, then they become an activity you simply can't live without.

  1. Adventure and Adrenaline

When one plays paintball one becomes enthralled in the adrenaline and adventure it provides. Running through the woods, hiding behind inflatable bunkers, shooting opponents and getting shot just doesn't get old.

  1. Teamwork and Strategy

Working with a team to devise and implement a strategy that leads to victory is nothing short of amazing. In paintball, you quickly learn that success comes by working together and that the best strategy in the world will fail if everyone isn't on the same page. Hannibal Smith probably said it best, " I love it when a plan comes together," and he probably first said it while playing paintball.

  1. Variety

With paintball, you can always change it up. If you want to play in the woods, you can. If you want to play in a warehouse, you can. If you want to play capture the flag or some new game type or even invent your own, you can. I like paintball because no matter how long I've been playing, it doesn't get old or boring.

  1. Exercise

Paintball is an active sport. While there are periods of sitting, hiding and waiting, there are lots of times to run, sprint, jump and move. It's a great way to get your heart rate up.

  1. Competition

Competition is fun. As long as you're a good sport, it can be a great thing. Play, play hard, and try to win. In paintball, you can have a good, competitive game and enjoy every minute of it. As long as you're playing with other people that have the similar goal of having fun, trying hard but not turning into hyper-competitive jerks, then paintball is an ideal location for to let your competitive side shine.

images by  Mustafa Khayat Flickr