New to Laser Tag? This blog's for you!

  Laser Tag is incredibly fun and an adrenaline rush for sure, and yet so many people, especially adults who work 9-5 jobs, tend to resist it. Fear of the unknown is sure to be one of the reasons, and yet once you're in the dark, it can actually be quite an experience. So here's a guide for those of you considering playing Laser Tag.

The Uniform: What to Wear for Laser TagNew to Laser Tag? This blog's for you!

Wear dark-colored clothes. Light colors will make you stand out and turn you into an easier target. Seasoned players giggle at the obvious newbies who wear light colors on purpose because they love to look at themselves glow!

Wear comfortable shoes. Gals, that means no sandals and definitely no heels! Sneakers are your best bet, although boots will also work well, especially if they are dark colors.

Dress in layers. This is important if you tend to feel like you're in the arctic when you walk past the frozen meats section at the grocery store. The laser tag arena can be cold, but it does get VERY hot as you start moving around. Those of you who aren't bothered by temp changes, don't have to worry about it.

Hydrate! You will sweat a lot, and the last thing you need is to fall over or feel sick in the middle of a game. Drink water before you go and bring a bottle of water with you if you have one.

The most important tip, especially for the guys: please wear deodorant! Did I mention you will sweat? Because you will. Stink gives you away like wearing light colors and/or kills your teammates.

On the Defense: Strategy

Learn the layout quickly. It helps to know the spots that offer a good vantage point but also give you some cover at the same time. Remember, though safe is also boring. So if you haven't really seen anyone after 30 seconds, MOVE!

Upper levels are good for shooting down at unsuspecting gamers. Again, this can get boring after a while, but I find it's a good way for you to take time to catch your breath.

Walk sideways. It should give you the greatest protection. Don't forget to keep moving. Just standing in one place looking around is a sure way to get tagged by more experienced players.

If you see someone taking aim and you cannot duck, try to turn sideways. They have less of a chance of hitting your sensors if you are not full on facing them.

Shooting to Win: Strategy

This is mean but sometimes desperate situations call for desperate measures. If you're not that great and are out with your coworkers or, worse, your boss and coworkers and you do not want to be publicly embarrassed by a low score, go after little kids. They are your salvation. See? Mean...but effective. Muahahaha.

Rapidly firing in the general direction of someone's sensors is better than taking the time to aim perfectly.

Try to hold and shoot your laser gun like they shoot machine guns in the movies, turning sideways so your face is turned to your left or right shoulder and aiming in that direction. This makes you feel like you're in an action movie. It also makes you less of a target while giving you better aim. It's a win all around.

And last but not least, have fun! Sure, you could win tons of points by just crouching in a corner or going after little kids, but the thrill you get from tagging a more worthy opponent (like the last game's high scorer) or an annoying coworker is far more satisfying. For when the one great Scorer comes for us all, young protoge, he writes not whether you won or lost, but how you played this historic game.