Fun Facts About Laser Tag

Fun Facts About Laser Tag Laser Tag....the thrilling version of Hide and Seek that includes high tech flashlights and possibly a black light room that makes your teeth glow! We love it! It's a great game of skill and strategy for all ages, making the child in each of us bubble up with excitement. However, laser tag is much more than a game...check out these fun facts:

Fun Facts About Laser Tag:

It first began as a game of Star Trek phasers in 1979.

Supposedly, the first commercial Laser Tag Arena started out in Dallas in 1985.

The first laser tag arena was inspired by the scenes in Star Wars where Luke and Princess Leia battle the stormtroopers.

Nobody has ever been eaten by a shark while playing laser tag....not one person.

Many facilities around the world offer all night laser tag play! That's right...from sun down to sun up!

New Orleans is the home of the world's most successful Laser Tag arena.

It is not possible to see the laser beam unless there is haze or fog in the arena. Just like a movie projector, the light needs a screen to project onto. So the fog acts as a movie screen for the laser.

Nobody knows how to spell the “Laser” part of “Lazer Tag”. I'm having trouble myself.

Laser tag in the southern and mid west areas of the United States is more popular than miniature golf. Mind....Blown.

There is, in fact, an actual laser tag museum in Louisville, Kentucky.

The world’s largest laser tag arena is Laser Rock in Belleville, Il...aptly named.

Laser tag arenas offer fun for corporate parties and even bachelor parties! That's a wide range of parties!

Australia’s LaserForce is the world's longest serving laser tag manufacturer, having their start in 1987. Duuude.....

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