Laser Tag/Capture the Flag

Laser Tag/Capture the Flag It doesn't matter if you're a laser tag enthusiast or a newbie to the sport, you'll enjoy this new twist on the classic game, of laser tag. it a new twist on the classic game of Capture the Flag? Ha! Either way, you can't go wrong with flags and lasers! Here's how it's done.

1) Get a group of friends together to the laser tag arena and designate sides within the territory you choose to play capture the flag.

2) Set a game plan for bringing your team flag back to your home base and execute it.

3) Tag your enemies with the laser gun and place them in your jail.

Things to Remember:

1) You are safe within your own territory. This means you cannot be tagged with the laser gun of the opposing team when in your territory. However, once you're off your territory, you are vulnerable.

2) Get creative and do something to create team unity like buying eye-black for your team members.

3) While the game is going on, the opposing team can be forced to join yours or jailed. This option makes the traditional "jailbreak" a lot more exciting. When a team member frees you from jail, those who've been jailed get freely walk back without the threat of being tagged by a laser.

4) Whether a member of your team is in jail or not, they are eliminated when they have no more lights left on their suit. The elimination remains in place until the next session.

Do you have any good ideas for variations on the games of laser tag and paintball? If so, share it with someone! It's always fun to get creative and shake things up a bit. And, while you're telling them about it, make sure to book a few practice sessions at Bill's Extreme Paintball and Laser TagImage by USAG Humphreys Flickr Commons

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