Will Paintball be Around Five or Ten Years from Now?

Will Paintball be Around Five or Ten Years from Now?

Will there be paintball in a decade? If so, what will it look like? It's hard to see down the road, but predicting the future sure is fun!

One could assume paintball will probably pretty much be the same, and therefore something that connects generations. During the 1980s, when paintball first appeared, and during the next decade, there were huge changes in the equipment, playing style and the "idea" of what the sport was meant to be. However, over the past decade, the game hasn't really  changed or developed much. It's true that equipment continues to improve and cost has dropped but the basic experience is pretty much the same as it was ten years ago.

One could also probably assume that speedballers and woodsballers will each be just as comitted to their preferred format as they are today where never the two shall meet. People are simply just drawn to one or the other and stick with it.

The hope is that more people will take to a love of the game and play over time but who knows if that'll ever be the case. It seems as soon as paintball gains a new generation of players, it loses another one.

Who knows what will happen with paintball. It may change, it  may not. The government could start to regulate it like they do guns or manufacturers could go out of business or somebody might invent a new twist on the sport that skyrockets to popularity. However, no matter what happens, the point is that NOW it's still the best way to spend a Saturday with buddies. Image by Bill Hails

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