Since 2006 We've Been

SW Missouri's Premier Paintball & Laser Tag Provider


For more than 10 years we have provided Paintball and Laser Tag for groups in and around Springfield of all ages a fun, safe, and private paintball or laser tag party. Youth groups, men’s groups, birthday parties, bachelor parties, after prom, project graduation and more have used our paintball and laser tag services over the years.

With paintball we provide the lowest cost service while still maintaining the best possible quality rental markers (Tippmann 98), masks and paint balls for the money. Not many paintball providers make as much effort as we do to keep equipment clean and updated with the latest quality in paintball gear. Do you hate those foggy masks you get at the other places? We provide thermal lenses masks as rentals for non-glasses wearers and they nearly never fog up. When we do mobile paintball, we roll up like a paintball store on wheels and provide nearly everything your local paintball store provides, without you having to drive. Want to play but don’t have a location? We have you covered with a secluded 2+ acre woods course located just outside Marionville, MO. Sniper towers, town fronts, pallets, barrels, and a small house we call the Hillbilly Hideout is just a glimpse of our course.

If Laser Tag is more your speed, the games we play and the equipment we use blow away the competition. We offer outdoor laser tag games at our course or your location that are affordable, safe, and simply more fun. We can come to you and set up in your yard, parking lot, building, gym, business, or church. We can provide an air field, or we can use existing cover. SWAT, Elimination, Domination, Sniper, and Capture the flag are just a few of the games we play. These taggers are very similar to taggers used by police and military to train their own. You now have a chance to play these games and have the time of your life.

Your group won’t stop talking about the experience they had playing laser tag with us. We offer several different group packages. We would love to provide our professional yet fun services for your group. Laser Tag is great for youth groups, corporate team building, birthday parties, after prom, and project graduation. Give us a call for your next event.

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