How to Become a Pro Tournament Paintballer?

Want to Become a Pro Tournament Paintballer? Have you dreamed of becoming a professional tournament paintball player? Who hasn't?! Here's how to do it:

Decide on the Paintball Marker that Will Begin Your Career in Tournaments. If you just want to play recreational paintball, then an entry level set up is fine. However, if you want to play speed-ball tournaments, you're gonna need a set up with the required tournament modes of fire. It should also be easy to maintain and you should be comfortable with it. In the paintball industry, just as pretty much any other industry, new and better products are always emerging. Many products that are only two years old are now considered outdated although still capable equipment.

Buy From a Local Pro Shop Rather Than Online. There are many benefits to buying locally such as warranty coverage and package offerings. When you buy locally, they tend to make deals for players who are often at their fields. Additionally, buying locally supports local paintball in your community. Not supporting paintball locally, could assist the sport in eventually dying.

What if the Local Shop Doesn't Carry the Equipment You Want? If this happens , talk with players at your local field. A lot of them are more than willing to let you test out their equipment and give you advice.

Pro Paintball Takes Time. Don't fret if you don't get asked to join a team right away or don't obtain any sponsors. These things require lots of hard work and practice. You can practice lots of valuable drills at home as well as on the field. If your community has a local team, ask them if you can join them for drills, but don't be surprised or upset if they turn you down.

Condition Yourself. You need to be physically fit for speed and endurance. Proper diet and regular exercise are essential to playing paintball.

Network and Show Your Skills. Be friendly with local and non local players and play with them every chance you get, making sure to show case your skills.

Following are Some Things to Practice:

- SNAP SHOOTING: popping up out of your bunker for a quick shot or series of shots and then quickly back into your bunker.


- RUNNING AND GUNNING: keeping your shots on target while you run.

- Field awareness, adapting to the field, timing, teamwork and communication all come with time and experience.

Make Yourself Invaluable to Your Team. Once you do get on a team or start your own, make yourself indespensable. The best way to do this is to obtain a sponsor. Do you have a family or friend with a shop or business? Get them to sponsor you! If you do, your team mates will never part with you! Image by Flirck Andrés Aguiluz Rios


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