Guide to Laser Tag for Beginners

Guide to Laser Tag for Beginners Starting a Game

First, divide your players into two teams of one or more people. Assign each team their starting point on opposite ends of the arena or field. The guns will tell the players when the game is to begin.


Most game modes involve two or more teams, although it is possible to have fun without team work. Kids, for instance, love to just run around and shoot. However, teams that work together have the best chance of winning a match.

You can introduce teamwork by assigning players to pairs. This will encourage them to watch each other's backs and learn to be aware of their location and condition.

You can also promote teamwork by giving each team a period for pre-game strategy. Let each team walk around the field and discuss their plans. If they need, help point out good hiding spots or help them assign players to roles that suit their abilities.

Walkie talkies are great for allowing players to stay in contact while separated on the field. Either each person can have one or only a few team members can have one...whichever is preferred.


Unlike paintball, you can't see the "aftermath" of your shot in laser tag. For this reason and others it can be harder to learn good aim. However, aiming is essential to become great at laser tag. To become better at aiming, practice by:

-shooting at a variety of ranges to get used to how the sights work

- shoot from a variety of positions (kneeling, standing, lying down)

- shoot while running

- start with gun pointed at ground then raise and shoot as quickly as possible

When you're playing a game, you're usually either aiming for your opponent's gun or their band worn on their head.


Tactics are unique to each person, but here are some ideas:

-Know where the safe places are to hide where you're enemies won't be

-Know who your teammates are (possibly by identifying/unifying clothing such as armbands or hats)

- Attack from two sides

-Keep a minimum distance from your teammates so the enemy can't shoot you all at once.

-At all times, keep your eyes and ears open. You should always know where your enemy is as well as your teammates.

Ending a Game

When a players is tagged out, they need to head straight to a designated respawn point or pre-determined home base. When they're on their way there, they need to hold their gun high above their head, so the other players know they're out. Image by USAG- Humphreys Flickr


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