7 Variations on the Game of Paintball

7 Variations on the Game of Paintball Do you still consider yourself a beginner just starting out in paintball but are already looking to experience the game in a new way? If so, then these seven variations are meant for you!

Basic Game of Elimination

If you're really a beginner, the first game variety you should play is the classic game of elimination. The object is simple: shoot everyone on the other team before they shoot you. There are some basic rules, but the game itself is pretty self-explanatory. Additionally, while it’s easy to learn to the rules, the game itself can definitely take a lifetime to fully master.

Capture the Flag

After elimination, Capture the Flag is the most common type of paintball game. The idea is extremely simple – two teams try to steal each other's flag and get it back to their home base without getting shot. Although basic, it does not lack in excitement! You could truly play this everyday and it wouldn't get old!

Base Capture

Similar to the classic game of capture the flag, this variation has one, important, distinction: you don’t have to return the flag back to your base. The game takes two teams, each with one flag, and they race towards each other with the goal of touching the opposing team’s flag. Because you win by touching the flag, there is strong encouragement to make a mad dash towards the other team’s flag.


One of the skills that new players need to develop is the ability to shoot with either hand. As you begin to excel in this skill, the ability to hide behind cover and switch between hands to shoot becomes a near necessity. A good way to learn this skill is play Off-Handed. In this game, you can play any variety of the game that you like such as elimination or capture the flag, but the rule is that you must only shoot with your non-dominant hand. Therefore, if you're right handed, you must play lefty and vice versa. It's true that you're accuracy will be poor at first, but eventually you'll be a better player overall.


The game of Assassins is a little more complicated than other games, but the action is well worth it. Basically, each player draws out a card which has the name of one other player. Each player then hides on the field and when “Game On!” is called, they may only shoot the player whose card they have. After "assassinating" that player, they take the card the player was holding and then begin to track down their new target. There can only be one winner of this game, so it’s great for settling the “Who’s The Best Today?” arguments that paintball players are notorious for.

Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters is a game of accuracy. The idea here is the fugitive has the goal of eliminating the bounty hunters or else hiding for a set amount of time (time limits depend on the size of the field). The bounty hunters must capture the fugitive, but they must either touch the fugitive to do so or else shoot the fugitive in the arm or in the leg. A body or head shot means the game is a draw, so be sure to aim where you mean to shoot.


It's a paintballer's dream to be the ultimate Sniper. In this game, Snipers have the objective of staying hidden and quietly eliminating guards or shooting balloons that are hung in trees. The guards must protect the balloons and eliminate the Snipers. This is a game of stealth, accuracy and a little sheer luck. As you play this version of paintball, you may learn what many new players learn – that playing the sniper is not all it was cracked up to be.

Image by Mustafa Khayat Flickr