Combining Easter Egg Hunts with Paintball

Combining Easter Egg Hunts with Paintball The concept of integrating an Easter Egg hunt with Paintball is basically the same as Capture the Flag. The difference is that instead of capturing flags, you would capture the Easter Eggs.

Capture the Flag:Combining Easter Egg Hunts with Paintball

The paintball version of capture the flag is actually pretty similar to the game that we all played as kids. This game format is played with many different styles and variations. In the classic game, there are two teams of players, and each team starts from opposite sides of the field, usually near their own flag station. The objective of the game is to cross the field, capture the enemy's flag, and bring it back to your flag station. Teammates must work together to do this, as players going it alone rarely last long in these games without getting eliminated. In the classic version of the game, the format is for single elimination, if you are hit with a paintball that shatters paint on you, you are out. In other versions of the game, tagged players are frozen in place and can bet tagged back into the game by certain teammates. In still other versions of the game, tagged players are sent to some designated holding area, and can be brought back out onto the field as live players by certain teammates.

How it works with Easter Eggs:

It would work like this....a certain amount of eggs (as determined by the organizer of the game) would be hidden on the field. No matter the amount of eggs, there would only be two colors (one for each team). Once a team has collected and brought back their given amount of eggs, they win.

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