How to Dress for Laser Tag

How to Dress for Success When Playing Laser Tag

The whole goal of playing laser tag is to hit the sensor covered vests of your opponents with your laser guy all while keeping your own vest from being hit. There are many tactics to help you achieve this goal, but how you dress is definitely one of the most important of them. Whether you're playing laser tag inside or out, you should choose clothing that is comfortable and also conceals you.How to Dress for Laser Tag

Choose a pair of pants, shorts, leggings or exercise pants that will allow you to be flexible and move easily as you run and maneuver throughout the game. Opt for a pair of dark-colored bottoms for indoor laser tag and a pair of neutral-colored or camouflage-patterned bottoms for outdoor laser tag to better hide yourself from your opponents.

Pick a shirt, that is light and form-fitting so that you do not become too hot or have trouble wielding the laser tag equipment. Dress in a dark-colored top for indoor laser tag so that you do not glow and reveal yourself under the black lights. Choose a natural-colored or camouflage-patterned top for outdoor laser tag to hide yourself well.

Choose a pair of shoes such as sneakers so that you will be able to move quickly and safely either in an indoor or outdoor laser tag arena. Select a pair of hiking boots for an outdoor laser tag match that takes place on a rough terrain.

Tie back long hair in a ponytail or bun to keep your neck cool as you move throughout either an indoor or outdoor arena, and make sure that your hair does not get caught in the laser tag equipment. Wear a dark-colored hat to keep light-colored hair out of sight and undetectable.

Image by David Veksler Flickr