How to Succeed in Laser Tag

How to Succeed in Laser Tag With adrenaline pumping through your veins, plotting your next move, and preparing for the battle ahead of you, laser tag is a sport that is loved by many. There are a few things that help you excel in laser tag and might just give you the one up you need to succeed. Of course, the more you get into the game the more fun it will be. If you get shot, make sure it is a notable “death,” your game will be a million times better if you and your opponents fully get into character and play.

Call your local facility and familiarize yourself with the equipment you will be given, let’s face it, if you don’t know what you’ll be using for defense before you walk into battle, half your battle is already lost, do your research! A huge advantage, come out shooting. If you’re hiding and know you have enemies close by, don’t worry about sneaking, come on out guns blazing and eliminate your target. By shooting right away you are eliminating the few second of response time it will take to get your gun ready to shoot. Another huge advantage to keep in mind is to use any reflective surfaces to find your opponents. Look for their reflection and they won’t even see you coming.

While you aren’t allowed to use your hands to cover your sensors you can limit the time you are exposed and even find movements and positions that make your sensors harder to hit. Once you figure out where your sensors are placed look for ways you can stand and crouch that will limit the exposure. Keep in mind that the hardest target to hit is a moving target, when it doubt, move!

Time to slow down Rambo. While we’ve told you to come out with your guns blazing, that doesn’t mean to simply hit any and all targets you see as fast as you can. Zone in on individual targets and take them out completely instead of injuring multiple targets, after all, injuring multiple targets doesn’t take anyone out of the game.

Stay on the move. If you’ve been injured or are drawing too much attention to yourself, relocate. The key to winning is to make sure your opponents never know where you’re at until it’s too late. When re locating make sure you find a spot that isn’t too populated. If you tend to fall into a spot where there is a large group of players this could draw more attention to you than you want. Stay under the radar and pounce when needed.

While there are many different ways to rise to the top of laser tag and conquer your opponents, the one thing you always need to remember is to simply have fun. You can study different ways to win until you are blue in the face, but if you forget to have fun you haven’t truly played a successful game. Whether you are playing your first game, or are a regular player, there are always new strategies to learn and improve on. Start your game today!