Play Paintball, It’s Good For Your Health!

Play Paintball, It’s Good For Your Health! Often times the long and treacherous workout routines or countless steps on an elliptical or treadmill will leave us overly exhausted and dreading the next visit to our “hamster wheel.” Luckily there is an easy fix to this common problem and a fun way to still get all the exercise your body needs while not only having fun, but also truly enjoying your time at the “gym.” When playing paintball there a few guarantees, the first is that you will have fun; the second is that your adrenaline will be pumping, and the third is that you will get a colorful workout unlike any other.

Work it all: Paintball is a sport that requires you to use many different movements which also means you will be using many different muscles. Crawling, sprinting, dodging, rolling, shooting, you name it, and you can do it! The fast pace of avoiding your opponents and tracking down your targets will keep your heart rate up. With high adrenaline pumping through your veins you won’t even realize that you’re having a high-intensity full body workout while you’re playing. Finally, there’s a way to enjoy getting any staying fit!

Bulk up your muscles: While some people enjoy lifting weights for hours, the majority of us would much rather build our muscle mass without ever having to put in the copious amounts of effort. While playing paintball you are constantly running through the course(s) while carrying not only your gun but also all the safety equipment that is required. This safety equipment will act as a weight vest and increase your game to a high-intensity weight lifting workout. Get killer quads from running and squatting as well as defined arms from stabilizing your gun as you take out your next target.

Stamina: While running 15 miles without a break seems impossible, playing paintball will give you an out of this world cardiovascular workout that will help build your endurance. By the time you leave the course you will be amazed at how long you were able to run and play without taking a breather, the more you play the better and healthier you’ll get!

Drop the Stress: There are dozens of different ways to eliminate stress and everyone has a specific ritual that works best for them, however, playing a game of paintball might not have crossed your mind before. Playing a rough high-energy game of paintball is one of the best ways to help eliminate some of the stress that could have built up over the last week. Some statistics even say that the more anger or stress you bring to the course the better you will play. Of course, you want to keep it friendly, but don’t be afraid to release some energy.

Truly, there isn’t an excuse not to play paintball. Not only will you have fun while playing, boost your health and enjoy taking out your targets, but you will also create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your paintball experience today, bring your friends, your family or co-workers and enjoy a good fun game of paintball.

Image by lukasz-k Flickr

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