Do I Need to be a Pro to Play Laser Tag?

You don’t need to be a pro to play laser tag - at least not at our Southwest Missouri laser tag course.

Do I Need to be a Pro to Play Laser Tag?

So you’re finally ready to play a game of laser tag! Luckily even beginners can succeed and play a winning game. While there are different skills you can practice to help you succeed, there isn’t a huge disadvantage to being a pro vs. a beginner. Beginners luck may just help you win your first game. Here are a few different tips to help you not only prepare for your first game, but to also help you conquer your opponents.

Know the area- There are many different courses that can be set up for a game of laser tag, if possible, try to get a map of the arena you will be playing in. Familiarize yourself with the arena so you know where obstacles are located-it will be dark inside so knowing as much as possible will be beneficial to your success.

Wardrobe- while it may seem obvious to some, the arena will be lowly lit, try to blend in by wearing dark colored clothing and avoid all white if possible. Black light will aluminate whites and light colored items so wearing all black will help you blend into the darkness.

Time to shoot- once you’ve arrived at the course get a good feel for your gun. Practice shooting it a few times to feel comfortable with the amount of pressure that you need to apply for it to send a solid shot.

Run- Don’t lurk around and finagle your way into the area. By running in as early as possible you will give your eyes a few extra seconds to adjust to the dimly lit arena which will allow you to see your enemies easier and faster. Take them out early by being prepared as soon as they walk in.

Positioning- Find a good place to take cover, by avoiding the “popular” hang out spots you will be separating yourself from main target zones. Once you have found a place to call home try to stay singled out and take your enemies out one by one. When needed carefully make your move and try to find a new hide out.

Lights, camera, action-Generally, your uniform will have some sort of light to indicate where you, or other players, are located. Keep your eyes peeled for any lights that seem to be approaching and once you see them, fire away!

Shoot and Hide- Don’t be afraid to use your gun and take out your enemies, if you are too afraid to get hit yourself, you won’t be able to take out the targets that are needed. If you do get shot, don’t just stand there in disbelief but instead take cover and try to hide while you regain your health.

Debrief- Once you’ve completed your first game go grab some pizza and talk with your team about what went right and what went wrong. Communication is key and discussing the things that you would like to improve in your next game will be a huge bonus and help lead your team to multiple victories.

Now that you’ve read up on a few pointers you are ready to start your game! The most important rule in laser tag is to simply have fun, so get out there, practice your skills and enjoy your game.

Image modified from littlemoresunshine