Two New Twists on Laser Tag 

Two New Twists on Laser Tag  The classic game of laser tag will always be fun, but sometimes it’s nice to spice up the game a bit with a bit of a twist. What do you think about the following two options?

Street Laser Tag

Imagine gripping your weapon tightly, waiting for your opponent to make the first move. Suddenly, there’s movement: You fire off a few rounds and then hone in on the kill. Bam! Your rival has been taken down.

This is no generic Western shoot-out. It’s Street Laser Tag, a game of street-style laser tag tied to an app and social network. The weapons are dusters, which shoot electronic bullets called speks. You can disarm your opponent’s duster with a spek, which freezes their weapon and boosts you to the top of the leader board—the game’s social networking aspect. This idea comes from Dustcloud. Visit them and check out the video.

This version of Laser Tag uses Bluetooth to tie the dusters to the game’s iOS and Android apps. Your smartphone can find other players in your area and you can challenge them to an old fashioned shoot out!

Laser Frenzy Laser Tag

I think we all have wanted to try to weave our way through an intricate web of security lasers like we see in those spy movies. Well,  Laser Frenzy would give you just the opportunity to do so!

It’s a new twist on laser tag. You could put your skills and flexibility to the test as you navigate a laser beam matrix, all while racing against the clock. The object of the game you ask? Maneuver your way through the gauntlet, press the check point button on the opposite side, and return to the start. Remember: Time and accuracy count for everything. Try to complete the course as quickly as you can while knocking out as few beams as possible.

Laser Frenzy would give you a different experience to traditional laser tag that’s fun for all ages. There are no age or height restrictions to play Laser Frenzy. You’d just have to stay clear of the beams!

So, would you be game to try one of these? Do you have other ideas of your own?