Difference Between Paintball and Airsoft

Both airsoft and paintball are popular recreational activities that require guns to take part but they are also very different as well. Airsoft is a combat simulation game and players are eliminated from the game once they get hit with round plastic pellets fired from guns made to resemble real fire arms. Paintball is a game where players shoot paintballs at one another from a special paintball marker or gun. Airsoft is a cheaper game that provides a more real world battle experience , paintball has a larger number of dedicated players, organized arenas, and larger competitive event options. Difference Between Paintball and Airsoft

Difference in Equipment

Guns-airsoft guns are made to look like actual firearms. Plastic airsoft pellets are loaded in magazines and loaded just like a real gun. In paintball you use what is called a marker which some may also call a paintball gun. Paintballs are loaded into a marker through a bulky hopper and the gun needs to be held upright while loading.

Ammunition- While airsoft ammunition is smaller and easy to carry extra rounds as you play, it is easier to tell if another player has been hit and is out of the game with a paintball because the player gets hit with bright colorful paint.

Goggles and Masks- Airsoft players usually only wear goggles unless the venue requires a full mask. Paintball requires the use of a mask.

Padding- airsoft player generally don't wear padding and in some cases risk being hit where blood is drawn. Paintball players usually wear some padding. Paintballs have been known to cause bruising.

Cost- airsoft equipment is generally a little cheaper with smaller ammo and battery powered guns while airsoft requires larger more costly ammo and markers are more expensive to power as they use CO2.

Durability- cheaper airsoft guns tend to break more easily and require the player to replace or make an upgrade. Paintball guns are pretty durable and can last quite a while with no maintenance.

Player Roles

There is a lot more to the game of airsoft depending upon the seriousness of the crew you are playing with. There are many different types of airsoft guns allowing for a variety of different roles and battle scenarios.

Roles of players in paintball usually fall more in line with the experience of the player than the equipment they use as every one has the same weapon or marker. Paintball is used in many different training exercises by law enforcement and military forces.

Both paintball and airsoft have their pros and cons but we like to think of paintball as a slightly more family friendly sport meant for a wider range of players.

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Image by Juan Fernandez Flickr