Laser Tag for Different Ages

Laser Tag for Different Ages

Some of the most common questions we get are how old you have to be to play laser tag and is it good for different ages?

What we like to tell people is that laser tag is great for anyone ages five through 95. Most of the laser tag is a black light area and you know yourself or your child better than anyone so understanding what scares them or could make them hesitant could be the deciding factor of whether or not you decide to play or sit outside.

Our policy is 7 years and older. We feel that at this age, the child and parent can make the decision on whether laser tag is appropriate for them and their children. Does this mean that every laser tag facility has this policy? No. At Bill's Paintball and Laser Tag we leave it up to the parents to make this decision after the age of 7 but for our policies we require no child under the age of 7 to participate.

That being said, there are different options and course for children of all ages. What might work for 15 year olds would not be the same for 7 year olds. We also recommend that kids play with other kids of the same age. You really don't want 12 year olds running around knocking down 7 year olds and then getting frustrated that the 7 year old is in their way or that the 12 year old got all the hits.

Of course, this is just a basic safety issue and also an emotional issue. Sure, we've had 15 year olds play with younger participants but it's usually based on a particular party. Youth groups, children's groups, families etc.. can all play and when we're talking families, we usually have parents, aunts, cousins, adults and kids all playing together.

Again, it comes down to safety. What makes sense for you and your party? We want to offer a fun, energetic and safe time for all participants. We can gear a course for different ages and adapt to your party needs. Let us know! We'd love to customize a course or set up for your party or team. However, we limit the age for laser tag to 7. Keep this in mind when planning your next amazing laser tag at Bill's Extreme Paintball and Laser Tag!

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