Where to Aim When Playing Paintball

Victoria Padevit Brown We’ve all heard that being hit with a paintball is a painful experience, however, many studies have been concluded and professional paintballers agree it isn’t as painful as you may think. The main reaction you have when you’ve been hit by a paintball is simply a shock of adrenaline by the surprise. Some people have compared their most “painful” hit to be the equivalent of a bee sting. Most of us have been stung and lived to tell, so you should be good to go! Now if you’re out there playing with a group of friends and you want to be sure you get the best hits, where do you aim?

After doing some research, we’ve found the top five places you want to avoid being hit, and possibly the top five places you want to aim if you really want to take down your opponents, safely of course.

  1. The Neck-The best away to avoid this hit is to try and find a helmet that covers the majority of your neck, if this isn’t an option try to bring some sort of a scarf or neck warmer with you to help protect this sensitive spot. Bonus, by hitting your friends in the neck you can count on a few days of embarrassment at their expense. Are you sure that red lump is from paintball?
  1. Back of the Head-Many players can avoid this shot by wearing proper safety gear, however, if for some reason the back of your head is left exposed, be warned. While this shot isn’t very painful, we all know heads tend to bleed. Let’s avoid the scene from a horror movie and not risk all the blood.
  1. Inner Thigh-Let’s face it, our inner thighs don’t get touched as often as other areas of our body and rarely see daylight, which makes the skin more sensitive. This sensitivity makes for a gnarly place to be hit, while the sting won’t last long, it is enough to put the thighs in the top 5.
  1. The Groin-There is no explanation needed here. Be smart, wear protection and avoid the pain of a bee sting on your stinger.
  1. The Hands-We made it to number one. The Hands. You might have not seen this one coming, however, our hands have multiple nerve endings making them sensitive, if hit correctly, your hand can get a pins and needles sensation for a few seconds before fully recovering. The hands are worse when it is cold outside as there will be low blood flow into your fingers making them even more sensitive than they already are.

Whether you are a pro paint baller and have great aim, or are a beginner going out for the first time, the main thing to remember is paint ball is more fun than it is painful. With the correct gear you are fully protected and shouldn’t be walking off the field with any crazy war wounds to show off to your friends and family.

Start your experience today!

Image by Victoria Padevit Brown