What to Know if You're New to Paintball

What to Know if You're New to Paintball The first time playing paintball can be a little intimidating, but it is a very fun game full of adrenaline and adventure. We have put together a list of some things that are good to know before you play your first game. The more prepared you are the more fun you are going to have your first time out.

#1. It Doesn't Hurt as Bad As Some Might Think

In the game of paintball, you are shooting little paint-filled capsules at a speed of 200 miles per hour at your opponent. With this high speed, it is going to sting a slight bit when you are hit, but it is not the horrible pain some have come to believe. That is just a misconception. The sting fades pretty quickly and the most painful place to get hit is the knuckles. Wearing gloves protect hands from being hit. One way to reduce the sting of being hit by a paintball is to wear layers. A sweatshirt does wonder to pad the body and reduce the sting of being shot.

#2.Wear Your Mask During Play

Most serious paintball injuries occur when a player removes their mask during play. Getting hit in the eye by a paintball is very painful and well who wants paint in their eye? The simplest way to prevent an eye injury is to wear the protective mask during the entire game.

#3. It's a Fast Paced Game

Paintball is a game of strategy but also one with lots of movement. You will need to be prepared to run and run a lot. If you sit in the corner thinking the best strategy is to find a good place to hide and shoot from you will probably lose or get bored very quickly.Plus running around adds to the adventure and fun.

 #4. This is Not About Sniping

Yes, there is a need for a paintball sniper in a team for an effective and winning strategy, but the position of sniper should be left to those who have played paintball many times before. The sniper in paintball needs to have good aim, the ability to move stealthily and the experience to know exactly when to move to a new position. A good paintball sniper isn't sitting still with little action. They are moving with the rest of the team to take the other team out.

 #5. It is All in Good Fun

There are some people who are very serious about their paintball, but really it is a game and is played for fun. Don't take yourself too seriously. It's good to have a strategy to increase your odds of winning but mostly you just want to get out there run fast to not get caught and shoot your opponents before they shoot you. Approach the game as a fun adventure and don't get nervous about being good at it and you will love it. Plus you get better each time you play.

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