Is Tactical Laser Tag Better Than Traditional

Is Tactical Laser Tag Better Than Traditional Tactical laser tag and traditional indoor laser tag are two very different games played with the same equipment. Most of the time when people think of laser tag they think of the traditional game played indoors , but tactical laser tag is growing in popularity and regular players.


Traditional indoor laser tag refers to the form of laser tag that has been around the longest. This game has been around for almost 30 years in commercial venues mostly in fun zones and party centers. The game that is usually played under black lights and with plastic glowing neon gear. You can see the actual laser coming out of the gun and usually just play to see who gets the most shots in on random players. This is usually what people think of when it comes to laser tag therefore it is sometimes referred to as  traditional laser tag.

Many people who play traditional laser tag are just looking for a fun light game to pass the time and do not get too serious into game play making it a fan favorite of younger players and party celebrations.


Tactical laser tag is a more mission based or strategical game. It gives more of a combat style experience usually played outside on a more rigorous course.The guns for tactical laser tag are usually a little bit heavier than indoor laser tag. There are actual games that are played in tactical laser tag ranging in intensity and strategy level. Some games are so intense they use communication equipment, ammo cans, mines, medics, and limited ammo  making it feel like you are in a live action combat video game. You will find a more serious player playing tactical laser tag. Some call it paintball without the bruises. Tactical laser tag games usually see more habitual players addicted to thinking through tough strategy and claiming victory. It is a lot of fun and great for the whole family especially for those looking for a deeper level of competition.

New to the laser tag scene is a mixing of both laser tag worlds. That's right tactical laser tag is being brought indoors. This game melds both worlds together giving more strategy to the fun and light hearted game of traditional laser tag but still keeping it chill allowing tactical players to let loose a little.

Truth is all laser tag is fun and it just depends on your preference. Bill’s Extreme Paintball and Tactical Laser Tag has a great tactical course or we can bring a variety of mobile laser tag games to you.

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