How to Become an Paintball

How to Become an Paintball

Spring is coming and you're probably about to get invited to a lot of paintball parties and games via Bill's Extreme Paintball and Laser Tag. You know what that means. Yep. It's time to hone your assassin skills and watch the jaws of your friends and family drop. Check out these ten steps to becoming an assassin.How to be an assassin in Paintball

1) Move quietly. As an assassin, you don't want them to hear you coming or going. A good method for moving quietly is to strike the ground SOFTLY with your heel and roll the rest of your foot when you step. Do not life your foot until only your toes are still touching the ground.

2) Be a chameleon. You need to have skills to hide in as little cover as possible. Understand field of vision. People see the most details right in front of them, but they can see movement more easily in their peripheral vision. Additionally, remember that movement will give you away. Be still and you may just blend in.

3) Dress the part. Wear the right clothes. Don't wear white at night. You'll be bright and that's not a bright idea. Try navy blue at night to blend in with the sky or camo in the woods.

4) Be fast and agile. Begin practicing sprinting because as an assassin, covering a lot of ground in a short amount of time is essential. Also be agile, because if you're running through obstacles being able to turn on a dime is crucial.

5) Be strong. Lift weights. Get your legs and back strong for running and climbing. Also focus on pull ups and squats.

6)Know your weapon inside and out. This includes fixing it, modifying it and reloading.

7) Be accurate. If you can't shoot, you can't be an assassin.

8)Plan ahead. Know your team's battle plan as well as the opposing team's plan and plan your strikes accordingly.

9) Remember you're not invincible. If you get ganged up on, RUN! Get them to disperse and then hide and take them out one by one.

10)Know karate. Or some other martial art. Okay. Okay. This one's not crucial but it's handy if you want to disarm an opponent in tight quarters! However, it DOES NOT replace precision, planning and speed.

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