How To Be Good At Laser Tag

How To Be Good At Laser Tag

Follow these simple steps for becoming better at laser tag with Bill's Extreme Paintball and Tactical Laser Tag!

1) Be the dark colored team. It may come as no surprise that bright colors will make you easier to spot and give you away.

2)Make sure to split your team up for different missions. For instance, you could have half on top and half on bottom of two levels.

3)The bottom team can be the ambush and attack team. However, if the enemy gets near but doesn't come directly into your area, just be very still and don't move at all. One way to do this is to lying on the ground with your gun under you.

The top team will be your defense team to scout out and hold of the enemy.

4)Should the enemy try to escape, be sure to have a fast back up group that can back track to where the enemy is going and annihilate them.

5)Be sure to have military tactics on the top floor. Use the element of surprise by not staying in one spot where the enemy will eventually find you but by constantly changing your position.

6) Keep low when the enemy is around.

7) If the enemy is getting close, tread softly and make use of any dividers that may be around. Peek over the top of dividers to attack and duck down below for safety.

8) For sure, make sure your WHOLE team knows the rules of the game and devise a strategy.

9) If someone is killing you when you come back to life (spawn killing) tell the referee.

10) Safety is first. So, if you become injured, call for help even if it means the enemy will find you and NEVER shoot in the face.

11) When the game first starts, hide until it officially begins, then...constantly be on the move. Moving will confuse the enemy.

12) If you become weary, or simply get shot, hide somewhere until your lights come back on or you're ready to go again.

13) Last but not least,  contact us and get ready to HAVE FUN!

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