The Difference between Laser Tag and Paintball

The Difference between Laser Tag and Paintball

If you're not currently a paint ball or laser tag enthusiast and have always simply "wondered" or you're a mom of boys and trying to figure it all out, today we compare and contrast the games of laser tag and paintball so you finally have the answers you've been looking for.

Laser Tag:

-no pain, injuries like bruises that are common with paintball and no mess

-Since there is no physical contact or pain, this game is enjoyed by a wider variety of individuals of ALL ages. Even the ladies dig laser tag.

-Guns have a greater range than paintball markers or airsoft guns. Guns have an integrated red dot scope.

-More comfortable to play since no protective gear is required.

-No pellets to purchase. Guns can be reloaded when and as required.

-Medic box is available to extend the "life" of the player. This medic box can also be used as part of warfare strategy.

-Ammo box available for gun reload and can also be used as warfare strategy.


-painful(bruises will happen), risk  of injury and messy

-Paint ball and Airsoft have a loyal and hardcore following of mostly males between the ages of 15 and 30.

-Combat area needs to be smaller due to short range of firing.

-Playing field is also small due to the need of protective netting.

-Masks and protective gear necessary and often mandatory.

-Can be more costly due to the need of pellets and having to buy more when they run out.

Laser tag is a great idea for large groups of varying individuals like church parties, school parties, birthday parties of younger children or family reunions. Paintball is great for teen parties, youth group events, guys night out or a bachelor party. For more information, contact us.