What Should I Get My Paintball Lover for Christmas?

What Should I Get My Paintball Lover for Christmas? Shopping for guys is always one of life's hardest prospects. The poor men in our life are always the last ones left on our holiday shopping list. However, should one of guys be a paintball lover, or even one of the gals in your life for that matter, consider the gift of Paintball gear and play time gift certificates.

A paintball tactical vest is a great idea for the paintball lover in your life. Check out this  Tippmann Patrol Tactical 4-2-1 Paintball Vest for  a gift buying possibility. It's breathable and light weight, has adjustable shoulder straps, internal harness system to keep your load from sloshing while you run, and much more!

Another good gift option for the paintball lover is this Proto Paintball Fighter Pod Harness. It's a great no fuss harness, that's lightweight and compact. It moves freely, is not heavy on your waist and holds up to seven pods.

Besides actual gear, there's always the gift of paintball fan attire. Cafe Press has great options that will bring a smile to your paintball lover's face. Classics are tees with the posing question of "GOT WELTS?", or the expression " HIT AND RUN...IT'S NO ACCIDENT". You'll also giggle at "MY BALL'S ON YOUR FACE" and "GOT BALLS?" There are so many different options to choose from in style, color, and fit. You're sure to find just the perfect paintball gift here.

Lastly, let's not forget the gift of the game of paintball itself. Bill's Extreme Paintball and Laser tag now offers open play.(laser tag open play only) Check out the dates open play is offered and for just $20 you can become part of Call of Duty or Halo. Referees will help you with strategies and show your team how to beat the other team!

So, give your paintball lover what they really want this Christmas. Paintball!