Be a Laser Phaser Amazer!

Be a Laser Phaser Amazer!

Laser tag is so popular. You get to look like a character from Tron while you run around in the dark with a gun that shoots a beam of light. Who wouldn't love it?! However, many players become frustrated and surprised when they aren't scoring the highest points, because they were just sure they're the best player. If that's you, keep these three things in mind:

1) The winner is not the best player, but the one with the most points. What?! You say.....that seems contradictory. But, no. It's really not.  Rarely the best player also scores the most points. Why? Because the player focused on trying to beat "the one to beat" and prove they are the best only earns points while in combat with that ONE person, missing many opportunities to rack up points in the game as a whole to soar to the top of the leader board.

2) Go ahead and be on the "losing" side. Fight the unfair fight. A game with dozens of people usually turns into a lot of mini battles. The unfair fight is when one (larger) group of people attack a smaller group of people. Guess what? You want to be on the puny side. Even better, you want to be the ONLY ONE being attacked by a group. Why? Because when that group of say, five, is shooting at you, each of them can only maybe get a shot or two in on you making their point accumulation during any one exchange dismal while you have opportunity to consistently shoot many of them as they're facing you, possibly even simultaneously as your laser may bounce and reflect off one of them also shooting their neighbors all with just one pull of your trigger! SCORE!

3) Destroying the base is not all it's cracked up to be. The reason being is this: Many laser tag games dish out a large number of points to a player who can destroy it, BUT, say there is 1000 points to be one by a player who destroys the base, a player can gain 100 points each time they tag a player. A player that allows themselves to be tagged ten times in efforts to destroy the base is really not gaining any ground. However, if you're the one doing the tagging, you can easily rack up as much or more as the person in quest to destroy the base. Additionally, when a group of players gang up to attack the base at once, guess what, you have another situation similar to "the unfair fight" above, take advantage of it.

There ya go. Laser tag is a game of mind over matter. Go out there and be a laser phaser amazer! Check us out for all Columbia laser tag and Springfield laser tag games.