Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Tag

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Tag

Believe it or not there are still some people out there who have not yet played the fabulously active and energetically fun game of laser tag; and these people have questions! Following are eight of the most frequently asked laser tag related questions and their precise answers.

What is Live Action Gaming™? Live action gaming is the act of playing a mission based game with laser tag. These missions challenge the player by testing their physical and mental abilities and as well as their ability for teamwork.

What are the games like? Many compare playing laser tag to playing popular video games like "Call of Duty". Only it's in real life!

Is it anything like paintball? Yep. Only there is no mess, no pain and no need for experience.

What ages is laser tag for? Approximately anyone between the ages of born and dead can play laser tag. Parents and kids enjoy this game very much!

Is it a boys only game? Pssh....are you kidding me?! NO way. Girls enjoy it just as much as boys do!

How do I know if I've been shot? The equipment will let you know.

Is there anything special about your taggers? We use taggers similar to those used by some police and the military to train their own.

How do I book a party or time to play? We have a variety of packages (three star, four star, and five star) on our own course or you can book our mobile laser tag. Contact us to set something up today!

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