Party Idea: Try a Laser Tag Event

Party Idea:  Try a Laser Tag Event

If you have a teen who is having a birthday soon, you have probably wondered what you could do for him that he would really enjoy and would not think was “lame.”  Face it: in a day when it seems like everyone has nearly everything, it’s hard to make any kind of good impression!  That’s where Bill’s Extreme Paintball and Indoor/Outdoor laser tag comes in!

The team at Bill’s will come to your home and set up an incredible outdoor laser tag party for 15 of your teen’s closest friends.  They bring out the taggers, the bunkers and 2 staff members who can show everyone the right way to have a great time. They can set up an indoor scenario too!

This is not the typical “been there, done that” party. Best of all, you won’t leave any of your guests with bad nightmares of amateur clowns! They even posted a video to help you explain what the night will be like for your kids.

If you would rather not startle the neighbors, Bill’s Extreme Paintball and Indoor/Outdoor Laser Tag offers parties at their 2 acre property near Marionville.  Here your party-goers will enjoy a full-on combat terrain, and the best in paintball or laser tag equipment.  It’s an event that everyone will remember your teen will gladly brag about for years to come.

The laser tag equipment has an amazing range. It can be used even in full daylight!  When someone is “hit,” the sensors light up and sound off. The guns can shoot on full automatic or on a semi-automatic setting and shoot 700ft in the daylight!  That all adds up to an amazingly fun day of games for your teen and his friends!

Best of all, Bill’s Extreme Paintball and Indoor/Outdoor Laser Tag makes everything they do remarkably affordable. Prices depend on the number of participants and the location. Contact Bill’s team for pricing information and make your teen’s birthday something to remember for a lifetime!