Family Fun in Springfield Missouri

If you live in the Springfield, Missouri area, you probably already know about most of the area's notable spots for entertainment, recreation and sports.  After all, Springfield is home to the Springfield Cardinals ball club. We're close to Branson and nearly everyone knows about the zoo here in town. But if you have “been there and done that,” you should find out what more and more people are discovering each day:  the best game in town is Bill's Extreme Paintball and Laser Tag!

A day at Bill's is like launching yourself into the most interactive, 3D gaming experience possible!  Here you will pit your carefully hone survival instincts against those of your foes.  Donning your masks and protective gear, you will carefully navigate the secluded and challenging two acre wooded course near Marionville.  Climb the sniper towers, set your sites and let loose a horrific volley of paintballs against all of your unsuspecting competitors!

Imagine taking fire but overcoming your coworkers as you overtake the cherished Hillbilly hideout from the paint covered remnants of their resistance!  You are the conqueror!  Need more? Find existing cover, duck behind a barrel and using your incredible skill, cunning and a seemingly endless supply of paintballs masterfully manipulate your Tippmann 98 marker to capture the flag and rule the day!

Bill's Extreme Paintball and Laser Tag is all about the thrill of victory!  You can offer your whole family a day of fun and memory making excitement by having  Bill's expert team come to you, turning your own paradise, church hall or gym into a temporary Armageddon!   Imagine the fun you will have emerging from Junior's birthday party victoriously parading around the yard in your paint covered coveralls to the delight of his friends and neighbors!

Bill's Extreme Paintball and Laser Tag offers laser tag equipment that compares very favorably to the gear used by SWAT teams, police and the military use to train their teams around the nation.  Playing the game not only provides hours of athletic entertainment, but teaches participants teamwork, creativity and strategy.  It's a great option for youth groups, corporate trainings or just to create outstanding memories with old friends.

Bill's Paintball and Laser Tag offers you great rental equipment, great personalized service and a great day of fun!   They offer you a variety of group packages and they would love the opportunity to show you just how great a laser tag or paintball event can be.  You know you want to, so give them a call today!