Great Activities in the Fall for Springfield Missouri

It is fall and that means it is time to get back outdoors and enjoy the beautiful Ozarks weather!  Sometimes, you want to be outside but simply do not know what to do, so here is an idea that is sure to please everyone in the family: Take advantage of Bill’s Extreme Paintball and Indoor/Outdoor Laser Tag and spend the day putting your “Rambo” skills to the test! Families love to spend time together planning and plotting brilliant but harmless military campaigns that pit their strategic imaginings against one another. It’s a great time to build relationships and share some laughter without breaking the bank.

Whether you choose to head out to Bill’s amazing paintball and laser tag facility in  Marionville or you choose to have the professionals come to you for a paintball or laser tag party at your home, you will earn amazing “hero points” with the kids by making their time outdoors something to brag about.

It is hard to find things that everyone will enjoy, but paintball and laser tag both provide amazing opportunities to bond and build the kind of relationships that will stand the test of time. Best of all, the kids won’t even know that you are teaching them!

Paintball and laser tag are popular because the time spent in these artistic war games seems to fly past just as quickly as the paintballs! At the end of a couple of hours playing paintball or laser tag, your party guests won’t have the energy to wreak havoc on your home! Best of all, when you use Bill’s Paintball and Laser Tag, you will have well-trained staff and high quality equipment that will make the time both enjoyable and safe.

If you have been wondering what to do to build strong relationships in your family, spending time playing laser tag or paintball can go a long way toward creating the bond you want at home. Call Bill’s Extreme Paintball and Indoor/Outdoor Laser tag today!