Beat the Summer Doldrums and Create Some Memories

Beat the Summer Doldrums and Create Some Memories

It is an odd thing about living in the Ozarks that we can spend all winter wishing we were outdoors and by the time Memorial Day is just a memory, we are already tired of the same old, same old outdoor activities! After all, how many times can you play horse shoes with Uncle Bill before you long for something more?Beat the Summer Doldrums and Create Some Memories

Think about it, after two or three barbeques all of the food tastes the same. The conversations seem limited, relating to how we didn’t get a spring and how many more days will it be before we have to retreat indoors because the mosquitoes are larger than our house pets! You could take in a movie, but now that Iron Man 3 is coming out on DVD, what would be worth watching?

What’s a guy to do if he wants to have fun all through the summer months?

Paint ball! That’s right, what could be better than spending an afternoon in mortal combat with your friends, knowing that only the fittest survive!  What could be better than testing your metal against that guy in shipping and receiving or that girl who calls herself Vice President?

If that is not exciting enough, you could ramp it up a notch and engage in a laser tag campaign that will be the talk of the office water cooler for years to come!  Sound complicated or expensive?  It is not!

The pros at Bill’s Extreme Paintball and Laser Tag can set you and your friends up for an event to remember. They have the latest gear, they know how to keep the action moving and best of all, they can bring the fun to your home or office!

If you don’t think the boss would be that into having the A Team invade the premises, why not take the short jaunt to Marionville and use Bill’s headquarters to stage your campaign on their custom designed field of battle. Careful attention has been given to make it a realistic and challenging course.

Bill’s staff of experts provide everything you need to make your militaristic aspirations come true, your friends will marvel at your mastery of strategy and when the day is done, you still imbibe in a plate of ribs and potato salad, but now with the respect and honor due a true warrior! Call Bill’s today and turn a dull summer gathering into the event of the season!

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