What Can You Do During a Summer-like Winter?

What Can You Do During a Summer-like Winter?

The Ozarks have long been known for unpredictable weather, but this winter has been amazing! But of course I wrote this just as the snow hit us this week! Oh well.... it probably won't last long and we will be back to our summer-like Winter... So, how can you take advantage of the unbelievable weather? Well, you can’t head to a Springfield Cardinals baseball game, so why not head out to Marionville and spend the afternoon basking in the sun and dodging your opponents on a state of the art laser tag course!Paintball in Springfield MO

Bills Extreme Paintball and Laser Tag has all the right gear to make sure that you and your friends will form a lifelong memory!  This is not the cops and robbers game you played as a child, here at Bill’s Extreme Paintball and Laser Tag, you will be outfitted with the MP5 Stinger. This amazing laser tag rifle was designed by operatives from the Special Forces. It is as true to life as you can get!

The MP5 Stinger boasts a 30mm Red Dot scope, adjustable stock and ergonomic grip. If you have been thinking plastic toy, wipe that image out of your mind! This baby is made with quality metal alloy. But Bill’s team doesn’t stop there. The course also features proximity mines that you can set for your opponents. But remember, they can do the same for you too. It’s realistic fun for your whole gang.

If heading out to the course sounds too complicated, have no fear! You can have the experienced team from Bill’s Extreme Paintball and Laser Tag come to you! That’s right. You can move the entire event to your back yard, your church or even your office building. The result? You get to spend more time having fun in the sun.

So, there you have it. Springfield weather is a bit unpredictable. Schedule your laser tag or paintball adventure today and take full advantage of this unbelievably mild winter. When you put Bill’s team to work for your next event, everyone will have a great day to remember!

We have new hours and rates starting this March! So make sure you check out all the details.