Really Exciting Events for your Next Party

Why Settle for Just Another Ho Hum Activity?

These days, finding things to do for a group can be a bit of a problem. Most folks seem to think that group activities involve buying and selling some kitchen gadget or doing some awkward dance for a video on YouTube. If that doesn’t sound like fun to you, how about something that gets everyone involved and leaves them glad they came?

Bill’s Extreme Laser Tag and Paintball offers you the chance to organize a group outing that no one will ever forget! That’s right! You can take the whole group out for a great day of fun and excitement at their great facility in Marionville.

Organize your teams. Don your gear and make a plan, because your group will need to be quick on their feet and thinking fast to wind up the winners on this gig.  It is a team building activity that will leave everyone laughing and complaining all at the same time.

The gear at Bill’s Extreme Laser Tag and Paintball is state of the art. You really can’t find better equipment. Safety is always at the forefront of Bill’s staff as they prepare your friends for what promises to be a one of a kind adventure.

Who will emerge victorious? Who are the great strategists? Who just runs and ducks for cover? You will know all this and more about your friends after an afternoon at Bill’s Extreme Laser Tag and Paintball.

Whether you choose paintball or laser tag, everyone will have a great time. There are obstacles to overcome, surprises around every corner and ample opportunities to take a shot at a good time.

If you are tired of the same old same old when it comes to things to do around Springfield, be sure to call Bill’s Extreme Laser Tag and Paintball. They will help you plan a great day of fun and excitement for the whole gang!