Can Laser Tag Build Team Skills?

Use Laser Tag to Build Team Skills

If you are a business leader, you know how difficult it can be to develop team skills among your employees. Unless you are General Patton, you probably wonder what you can do to get the job done that won’t make everyone mad or frustrated.

Here is some good news! Bill’s Extreme Paintball and Indoor/Outdoor Laser Tag offers you a fun opportunity to get your key players acting like a team. It’s simple.

Bill’s highly trained experts can come to your place of business and help you stage team-building exercises using their state of the art laser tag equipment. Divide your employees into two teams. Create a scenario that requires them to work together to accomplish a common mission and watch the fun unfold.

The beauty of this kind of team building is that no one knows they are in training! It’s just a lot of fun and excitement. When the scenario is completed, sit everyone down and talk about the lessons they learned along the way. They will remember the day as a lot of fun and you will have a stronger team. Everyone Wins!

Bill’s team will arrive at your place of business with the laser tag equipment and everything you need to make the day a success. Nothing is shot through the air. The scenarios can be as realistic or crazy as you choose. The pros at Bill’s can advise you on what kind of scenario will work best for your facility, or you can choose to send the whole team out to Bill’s Extreme Paintball and Indoor/Outdoor Laser Tag headquarters in Marionville and take advantage of their well-staged outdoor course.

Everyone will enjoy the opportunity to take a break from the usual day to day activities and some valuable lessons will be learned along the way. By the end of the day, you will have a better idea of who makes a good general and who needs to spend a little more time learning how to relate to the team.

No matter how you choose to play out a scenario for your employees, they will learn valuable leadership and team lessons that can help you move your business forward. Best of all, your employees will thank you for the fun and excitement they had along the way.

What are you waiting for? You owe it to yourself to give the great folks at Bill’s Extreme Paintball and Indoor/Outdoor Laser Tag call today at: (417)466-8989, then let the adventure begin! Photo Courtesy of Southern Missouri