Keep Your Paintball Marker Running Like New With These Tips

Keep Your Paintball Marker Running Like New With These Tips

Bill's Extreme Paintball and Indoor/Outdoor Laser Tag of course offers equipment on site, but many die hards own their own paintball guns. If this is you, you surely want to take the best care of your equipment that you possibly can. Therefore, we've compiled this list of tips to keep your gear as good as new and always ready for battle.

The two most common questions a paintball gun owner tends to ask are, "how do I maintain my gun?" and "if it leaks or doesn't shoot, how do I fix it?"

Maintaining your gun is easier than you think. In fact, doing too much to "baby" your gun can actually cause more harm than good.


1) Do not pack mud and dirt in it or allow it to get too wet. If in the heat of battle, you face plant into a stream or muddy area, you'll have to take apart your gun and scoop out the mud and wipe off the water.

2) Don't take your gun apart unless you absolutely have to. You don't want to lose parts, in correctly reassemble or strip parts of your gun with the Allen tool.

3) Make sure the oil you use for your gun is the correct one. You don't want Keep Your Paintball Marker Running Like New With These Tipsto destroy your o-rings. Also, don't use excess oil or it'll just collect dirt.

4) After playing for the day, wipe down the outside of your gun. Once paint dries on the outside of your gun, it'll be hard to wipe down.

6) Remove your barrel and clean it with a squeegee or water. If paint builds up inside, it'll make your gun and shooting inaccurate.


To diagnose:

1) Take the barrel off to prevent you from firing any paintballs you were sure weren't in there.

2) Make sure your CO2 or air bottle does not have a valve problem or is simply empty. Try a different bottle.

3) If your gun uses a battery, try replacing it.

4) If your gun leaks near the air bottle, check the o-ring which can go bad frequently.

5) If your gun is not an auto yet fires like it is, refer back to steps two and three then fire with the bottle upside down. Doing this dumps the CO2 into the bottle and increases pressure. If when doing this, your gun fires correctly, then you've most likely got an o-ring problem. Replace the front and rear bolt o-ring. Clean the inside and re oil. If after all of this, you're still firing like you own a full auto then you must have a mechanical problem, probably with the sear or trigger system and rear bolt.

6) Check your ball detent, if balls just roll out of your barrel, it may need to be replaced.

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