Great Event Ideas for Columbia Missouri

Great Event for groups or parties

Have a score to settle with your best friend? Sibling rivalry that should be laid to rest once and for all? How about a way to show who really is the conquering and reigning royalty of your church or school campus? Bill's Extreme Paintball and Indoor/Outdoor Laser Tag may just be the answer you're looking for.

You need an epic event. You want a life changing, history making event that will be talked about for generations. Ammo boxes, capture the flag, bombs in the field and medics are the stuff stories are made of. These kind of events are all the rage and define relationships with friends and family. Once your boys and their friends catch wind of the upcoming birthday party, it will be all that is talked about and anticipated as they plan their battle strategy for the upcoming dooms day out on the playground. The teens versus adult event at your church will go down in blood, sweat, tears and laughter...well, maybe not so much blood, but definitely the tears that come with fits of laughter! Choose laser tag or paintball for your upcoming family reunion, and finally see if your cousins truly carry the superior genes in the family. Yeah, it's all fun and games, but it's also a dead serious GOOD TIME.

Contact us for our services available in Springfield or Columbia and their surrounding areas. You can either bring the gang out to our popular laser tag and paintball course or we can bring the fun to you. No matter what you choose, your event will be the stuff legends are made of. It's safe, fun and THE IDEAL group adventure. Indoor or outdoor, here or away, the memories you'll take with you will be there to stay. So, get your game face on and plan your event today!