What Should I Wear for a Paintball Event?

What Should I Wear for a Paintball Event?
What Should I Wear for a Paintball Event?

Doing paintball for the very first time? One of the most common questions we get asked is what do you wear. And, it makes sense, I mean, if you think you're going to get hit with paint and if you think it hurts, you're definitely going to be concerned about what you are wearing. But, even the most experienced paintball player still looks for the right gear and clothing suggestions to provide that additional support and protection. Here's what we recommend for closing options for a paintball game.

Thick garments.

Anytime you are going to be playing outdoors in a playfield you want thick closing over thin garments. You won't want to be out there in short sleeves and shorts, regardless of how hot the weather could be. It's a balancing act because you still want a free range of movement without leaving too much of your skin exposed. The thicker the material the less you're going to feel it and the less it could potentially rip or tear during a game.

Layer it up.

This is not just about going on some old clothes but really methodically thinking through your attire. You want to think about adding multiple layers of clothing to minimize the impact of the paintballs when they hit. These extra layers will add space between your skin and the outer layer of clothing. This will accept the brunt of the paintball so you don't feel much at all when you are hit. Sidenote: if it's really hot where you are playing in extreme heat, it can be difficult to pile on the layers because it could make you overheated and dehydrate. Don't go overboard on the layers and keep yourself hydrated with water between games.

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No exposed skin.

It's important to keep your hands, face, neck, ankles and any other places that might be normally exposed completely covered. A paintball can leave a welp on exposed skin and even sting if it hits the skin that's not protected.

Extra Gear

Now, if you are really serious about gearing up for paintball you can get these crazy warrior suits that look like something out of the black swamp. The sniper suits or ghillie style suits are typically worn by hunters but paintball players have adopted them as they are very comfortable, provide camouflage, and protect the skin fairly well. You can usually find these in military supply stores or at sporting good stores or online.

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Head protection

It's extremely important that you wear a helmet and mask that's designed for paintball. Paintballs can go whizzing through the air at 280 ft./s or about 200 miles per hour. Can you imagine if that hits your head? Strap on the paintball helmet and mask over a hoodie or winter hat for the best protection.


Last but not least you don't want to forget the groin area. Crotch shots are painful and very rare but if they occurred they will be very painful. The cup is usually the best thing to protect that area even if it's uncomfortable because it will be the additional protection you need in the most sensitive of places.

If you have more questions on what to wear during a paintball game give us a call. We do provide helmets and several accessories for each game.