Two Paintball Tactics that REALLY Work!

Two Paintball Tactics that REALLY Work! Check out these two tried and tested tactics for paintball that really work! Commit to the tactics and take your time perfecting them and you won't be disappointed with the results!

Detecting the Hidden Enemy:Two Paintball Tactics that REALLY Work!

It is possible to detect your hidden or camouflaged enemy by using some tactics that are learned in the military:

- scan by taking short pauses when moving through your area. Always try to pause in complete or at least partial concealment.


- to quick scan, take a quick mental snapshot of your field of vision making special note of ditches, trenches, bunkers etc.

- to slow scan, mentally divide the field of vision into three areas(foreground, middle ground, background) and scan each from RIGHT to LEFT starting with the foreground and moving back.

- to do a detailed scan, do the exact same thing as the slow scan but take extra effort to scrutinize any suspicious areas.

Being Reactive:

This tactic provides that you do not commit (substantially) until you see which side the enemy is strong and weak or soft on. Once you've deciphered their strong and soft sides, defend and hold off the enemy's strong side and commit most of your firepower to quickly overwhelming the enemy weak side. Once you are deep enough into the enemy's soft side, start to shift your fire and attack infield - toward the flanks (and eventually back end) of the enemy strong side.

Tips for executing this tactic are to have a commander who has good communication with the rest of the team and to realize that this is more easily executed with smaller teams than larger ones.

We hope you enjoyed those two tried and tested paintball tactics that really work. Please keep checking back in the near future for more tactics for paintball and laser tag, that YES...REALLY WORK!

Image by Victoria Padevit Brown Flickr