Looking for Family Fun? Play Paintball!

For those who have not played paintball before, many think it is an extreme sport played only by those seeking a large adrenaline rush. It can be intimidating as a new comer to go into a field with a bunch of people wearing something akin to gas masks worn in apocalyptic movies and pointing weapons shouting out orders as they run toward the opposing team. The reality is that paintball is a great family friendly sport and a great way to get your family excited about spending some time together. Once you have your family out on the field you may all just walk away thinking that was the best family time ever.Looking for Family Fun? Play Paintball!


There is a safety briefing at the begin of each event to ensure everyone is aware of what is going on and plays safe. We also only allow children age 7 and above to play paintball as we feel this is a good age for young ones to fully acknowledge the rules and decide if they would like to join in on the fun.

Many people who have never played paintball before worry that being hit with the paintball will cause a significant amount of pain. Sometimes you may encounter someone who gets a welt or bruise from a paintball gun but these always look more painful than they really are. The best way to avoid these is with proper attire of long sleeves and pants as well as padding.

Team Sport

What better way to spend time together than with team work. Paintball is a team sport building relationships with a common goal to take down the opposing team. The way to win is through excellent team work and strategy. Working together as a team will make the family stronger.

Family Friendly Venue

The best place to give your first family paintball venture a shot is at a recreational facility where family friendly fun is encouraged. Bill’s Extreme Paintball entertains players of all ages and even separates age groups for kids playing without an adult to have a more fun gaming experience. We will set up a great family game that all ages will enjoy.

Don't Forget the Camera

This will be a fun filled family day you won't want to forget. Make sure to document the day in pictures so you can remember the fun for years to come. Your family may even enjoy the day so much they decide they want to make it a regular family fun day event.

Contact us today to set up an unforgettable family fun day!

Image by Torsten Mangner