Fun Games to Play with Battle Bows

Fun Games to Play with Battle Bows
Fun Games to Play with Battle Bows

Bows and arrows have risen in popularity which led to the creation of Battle Bows. These bows use padded arrows to create a unique mashup of dodgeball and paintball. The rules of Battle Bows are a little different from your average paintball excursion since the rules are based off dodgeball. If you catch an arrow in midair then the shooter is out. But the option of hiding behind cover introduces new challenges and opportunities.

There are a variety of games to play with the battle bows and many of them are offered here. These are just some of the options that can be played throughout your time on the course.

Capture the Flag: This classic playground game is made even more fun with the use of Battle Bows. Just like the classic game, players will be divided into two teams and each given a flag to guard. The flag is usually set up in each team’s base making it harder to get to. If someone from the opposing team manages to get the flag back to their base then they win the match.

Player vs Player: This game is just an all-out brawl. Players are on teams of one, anyone and everyone is a target so no one is safe. The game ends when only one person is left standing.

Team deathmatch: Another classic game taken from paintball and laser tag. This one features teams (usually two) of equal numbers of players. Each player has a set amount of lives determined before starting, once you get shot you are killed and must return to your base before entering the game again. When you run out of lives you are out of the game and whichever team remains at the end is the winner.

Predator vs Prey: There are only two teams in this game, predators, and prey. To start, there must be fewer predators than prey (the number can be determined by group size or random). Each team must try and get rid of each other. If a predator is killed then they are out of the game but if a prey is killed then they must join with the predators. The game is over when either the prey is safe or the predators have killed them all off.

There are also several other mission-based games that can be played during a session, but here are some that are not too complex.

Assassins: Assassins is another type of player vs. player game. Each player draws a name from a hat (or another container), the names correspond to other party members. Whoever they get is their target. Players may adopt any strategy they wish but should try not to trust anyone. If the target is killed the assassin takes their target’s target and continues hunting. The last person standing wins.

VIP: For this game, players will need to be divided into two teams again. Every player except one will be armed and this unarmed player is the Very Important Person (VIP). The VIP should be given a bandana to separate them from the other players. The goal of the game is to kill the other team’s VIP and any other players who get in the way. Whichever team kills off the other VIP is the winner.

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