Frequently Asked Questions

What hours do you play laser tag? 
At our course we shut down at sundown but we can come out to you no matter the time and play inside or out. We actually enjoy late night stuff. SWAT games late is my favorite.

Do you have open play where I can just show up?
We did but not anymore. Our guest enjoy knowing they will be the only group playing. This is especially important with paintball. Our paintball guests really appreciate not having pro paintball players shooting at them.

How early do I need to call and book?
Our course is very popular. Try to book 2-3 weeks early if possible. Sometimes we have openings in our weekends and can fit you in. It never hurts to call and see.

How do I make a reservation?
Give us a call or email us to check availability. Then when you’re ready to book have your debit or credit card handy. We ask for a $50 non-refundable deposit to reserve your event. (Please read our policies page for more info.)

What happens to my deposit if it rains?
We do not have an inside location at our course. Paintball can still be played in the rain if your group is up for it but not laser tag. If your event gets rained out we will happily move your deposit for up to 6 months towards another date. (Please read our policies page for more info.)

Are there age requirements?
With Laser tag we require all players be age 7 and up. Paintball is suggested 8 and up.